Due to the comprehensive and long-standing experience of our employees, we are able to offer solutions to customer requirements in four different business units.
In order to guarantee our customers the highest possible reliability we obtain our purchased parts and equipment from well-known providers or market leaders only.

Control systems and automation technology

In the field of control systems and automation technology, we offer our customers a very wide range of services as hereinafter indicated:


Im Bereich der Steuerungs- und Automatisierungstechnik bieten wir unseren Kunden ein sehr breites Leistungsspektrum. Dieses umfasst folgenden Kernbereiche:


Plant Manufacturing

In order to guarantee our customers highest quality standards, we are cooperating with local leading companies in the field of plant manufacturing. Thereby we can access the most modern warehouses and production halls, as well as highly qualified personnel.


Filtration – Membrane technology

The membrane technology is a mechanical separation process for the separation of gaseous or liquid mixtures and solutions using technical membranes. Depending on the type of membranes used separation results for a variety of requirements can be achieved. In terms of economic and ecological aspects, this type of filtration is of particular importance due to the purely physical separation of mixtures or solutions.


Die Membrantechnologie ist ein mechanisches Trennverfahren zur Separation gasförmiger oder flüssiger Stoffgemische und Lösungen unter Verwendung technischer Membranen. Hierbei können je nach Art der eingesetzten Membranen Trennergebnisse für die unterschiedlichsten Anforderungen erzielt werden. Durch die rein physikalische Trennung von Stoffgemischen bzw. Lösungen ist diese Art der Filtration in bestimmten Größenordnungen besonders in wirtschaftlicher und ökologischer Hinsicht interessant.


Planning, Construction and Engineering

The planning and design of process engineering plants is one of our strengths. Due to our long- standing experience in various subjects, we can access to comprehensive knowledge in all related areas.


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