In the field of control systems and automation technology, we offer our customers a very wide range of services as hereinafter indicated:

Consulting and project planning

  • Concept development for the technical realisation of the process (hardware – software – documentation)
  • Clarification and definition of interfaces
  • Provision of data for operational data acquisition and control systems
  • Elaboration of customer regulations

Electrical construction

  • We use CAD system E-Plan P8 including Fluid and Project from the market leader to generate the following documents:o circuit diagram
    • equipment arrangement plan o terminal diagrams
    • cable diagrams
    • equipment part lists
    • pneumatic diagrams
  • The selection and calculation of the correct safety technology is in consideration of EN 13849-1. If required, we are able to offer our customers air condition calculations as well as complete multilingual documentation sets.
  • In order to cover a large area of electrical construction, we moreover offer our services within the field of explosion protection.

Depending on the size and possible protective requirements (e.g. explosion protection), we design and manufacture the appropriate control cabinet customized to each project and the customer requirements.

By modernizing existing equipment, customers could benefit due to the following improved properties:

  • Productivity
  • Communication
  • Power density
  • Susceptibility
  • Production losses

Our services include either installing new systems as well as expanding existing systems. Thereby we have experiences in the following filed of applications:

  • Materials handling technology
  • Handling and robot control
  • Cleaning and varnishing systems
  • Membrane filtration technology
  • Automotive Industry
  • Food industry

PLC programming

The modular and structured software engineering is the basis for an efficient and productive machinery or plant. Due to our long-standing experience, we are able to implement complex processes individually.
Connections to databases as well as networking of machines allow increasing effectiveness and efficiency of your machinery or plants, and are an important step towards industry 4.0.

Visualizations with an intuitive “look and feel graphical user interface” simplify the operation of complex machines. The schematic representation of process sequences in connection with the indication of the status of plant components enables a continuous optimization of your plant. A simple and fast interruption diagnosis tool reduces standstill times and increases the availability and cost-effectiveness of systems.


The Software TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) is the latest and state-of-the-art PLC-software from SIEMENS and is most suitable for the following functions:

  • Measuring
  • Controlling
  • Communicating
  • Operating
  • Implementation
  • Evaluations
  • Safety – Depending on the type of control a safety PLC is not necessary any more
  • Step 7 Classic is applied according to customer requirements with the following characteristics
    • Customer advantages:
      • Sophisticated control >
      • Installed in older machines
      • Robust
    • Disadvantages for the customer:
      • Lower computing power
      • External visualization necessary
  • For smaller applications we recommend using the software Logo, especially if the main focus is not set on performance, time and storage capacity.
  • Software changes on existing Step 5 control systems
  • Moreover we offer modifications of existing control systems from Step 5 to Step 7 / TIA
  • TIA enables simplifying the communication between the PLC and the visualization
  • State-of-the-art visualization technology
  • Easy pasting of control and operating elements and linking it to the function blocks of the PLC
  • No necessity of additional computers
  • Almost all functions are identical to WINCC / WINCC Flexible
  • WinCC wird im Zusammenhang mit STEP 7 Classic eingesetzt und kommuniziert über eine Client-Server-System.
  • Dabei wird je nach Kundenwunsch die Oberfläche so programmiert, dass diese Funktionen eingebaut werden:
    • control elements
    • regulating elements
    • warnings and error messages
    • evaluations
    • representation of the machine structure graphics
  • Zenon is offered by us as a comparable visualization solution to products from Siemens and is a platform-independent SCADA system. Zenon requires a standard Windows operating system.
  • Zenon wird von uns als vergleichbare Visualisierungslösung zu Siemens angeboten.
  • Zenon ist außerdem ein plattformunabhängiges SCADA-System.
  • Benötigt ein herkömmliches Windows Betriebssystem.

Customer support

  • In addition to the realisation of customer projects, we are pleased to offer support concepts, either on-site or via remote control.
  • In order to ensure the correct operation of plants and machines, we are offering trainings in all areas (e.g. operation, troubleshooting).
  • We attribute great importance to act loyal to all our customers. Depending on customer requirements, we are pleased acting as internal employees on request.

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